Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance

AES Engineering Group of companies has made environmental projects a priority for many years, but recent events have convinced us that we need a direct conduit from our own operators and suppliers.

We also need better communication with our own staff, especially those with the vision and expertise to see how climate-friendly change can also be business-friendly. We can only act on what we know. And, hopefully, once we know, we can work together to engineer a better world.

AES Engineering Ltd went beyond Net Zero in 2021, with its global business activities delivering C02e savings equivalent to the environmental impact of more than 18 million trees.

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Sustainability Initiatives

Our '£29 million by 2029' pledge recognises that businesses will have a potentially huge influence on the success of efforts to limit global warming.

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AES Engineering Group is committed to providing a safe and rewarding workplace.

Operating ethically, supporting its local communities, minimizing its impact on the environment and engaging its stakeholders.

As a company it must continue to reduce its impact on the environment, attract gifted engineers and other skilled employees and offer the solutions that meet increasingly demanding applications and customers. AES Engineering Group always aims to exceed expectations and lead by example, operating in an ethical manner and working towards sustainable development goals.